“We hired Jo Anne after she worked with our neighbors when they remodeled their kitchen and downstairs bathroom. She did great work for them and their house is magnificent. We remodeled our kitchen, dining area and family room and really did not have a clue of what would work together. She came in and presented multiple ideas after speaking with us about our own ideas and preferences. The time she spent with us at our home and multiple supplier locations was incredible. I strongly urge anyone in need of professional decorating advice to retain her services. Jo Ann was absolutely the best decision we made for our home.“

– Terry & Anika C.

“…Her knowledge and experience, along with her kind and calm demeanor took a lot of my stress away as I was making these important decisions about my new (first) home!“

– Amy S.

“We just want to thank you again for such a magnificent job you did on our recent resident remodel. We are so pleased with the color scheme, the space utilization, and overall livability of the entire project.

“For those of you considering utilizing the services of Jo-Ann and Colours & Concepts, let us advise you, you are in for a great treat! Professionalism, knowledge and quality reign throughout the entire project. But the surprise is that it could also be so much fun too! Whenever we reached a design dilemma, Colours & Concepts delved into their vast buckets of ideas, and came up wonderfully new and fresh approaches. All of us (even with divergent tastes) were pleased with the options. It was truly an enjoyable and creative experience.“

– Bob & Joan, Simi Valley, CA.

“I never realized how much value there would be in working with an Interior Design with the knowledge, creativeness and total understand of the project as we did working with Jo-Ann. I am here to say that if you are doing any type of remodeling until you to speak to her you cannot imagine why you would not want to ask for her help.” My favorite was how you made everything flow together. Colors, fabric, tile, etc. Also the ease of working with you – your the best!“

– Jayne and Ed, Westlake Village, CA.

“It is difficult to identify one thing so I will mention the highlights. First thing, I was surprised and pleased with your availability. Sometimes I thought I might be a nuisance but you never left me with that impression. I felt that you were as excited about the project as we were. Next, I would highlight your resourcefulness. We would have been lost on many of the decisions because we wouldn’t have known what to look for. You let us make decisions, but you didn’t let us make mistakes. When you did present suggestions, you made it clear that it was a device for discussion and that any or all of it could be changed.

“With regard to the actual outcome – I still walk through the house and am stunned at the transformation. I feel like a proud grandmother – I want to show it off all the time.”

– Becky, Thousand Oaks, CA.

“I really appreciate how involved and dedicated you are to every aspect of the project. Your willingness to collaborate with other professionals and your flexibility with scheduling is amazing. You make people feel like they are your only clients.

“Thank you!”

– Eric, Thousand Oaks, CA.

“I was very appreciative of your ability to find colors and decor that appealed to both me and my husband. Also, having you suggest colors and then see how well they worked in the end was a wonderful thing! All in all, your expertise removed the stress of having to choose the colors on our own. It worked out great overall and we get many compliments from people who visit our home!


– Christa, Westlake Village, CA.

“We found Jo-Ann to be an innovative thinker with exquisite taste and her personal style is collaborative and interactive.”

– Pam L., Studio City, CA.

“Jo-Ann is a great listener and was able to go above and beyond to create exactly what we were looking for. I will definitely be utilizing her knowledge and services again.”

– Cindy B., Simi Valley, CA.

“Outstanding ideas! We are so appreciative to you for your help and your skill.”

– Pat. La Conchita, CA.

“Joanne was very helpful in sourcing products and materials as well as furnishings for our Tuscan style home. Whenever we could not find something, Joanne always was pleasant about researching and finding us suitable furnishings and surfaces for our home.

“She was extraordinarily pleasant and fun to work with. She has great taste and easily adapts to her clients’ taste and style.

“I would recommend her by all means!”

– Raina,

“My office workspace was cluttered and impractical and not a comfortable or appealing place to work. Jo-Ann visited the office, took pictures and measurements, and asked me about my personal goals for a new work space. She went on-line and did all of the research to provide me with six different configurations and furniture options for the space. The result is a workspace that is not only functional, but very attractive and enjoyable to be in. Thanks, Jo-Ann for your personalized attention and extraordinary sense of form and function.”

– Kay, Camarillo, CA.

“We have had the opportunity to hire Jo-Ann on a number of occasions with fantastic results. She has given us design ideas and seen them through to completion even on our small budget. We would certainly hire Jo-Ann for future design work!”

– Mark, Thousand Oaks, CA.

“Jo-Ann Capelaci is a first-rate interior designer. I have worked with her on a whole-house renovation in preparation for sale. She turned a blank canvas into a palette of interesting colors and textures that made the refurbished home inviting and pleasing to the eye. Call Jo-Ann to help you design around what you have or to explore her concepts for having your space come to life.”

– Mark, Thousand Oaks, CA.



“It’s a real joy to work with someone so detail oriented and willing to go the extra mile as well as being so talented. I plan on working with you whenever possible!“

-Sue Webb-Smith, Marketing Director, Geranium Homes.

“Jo-Ann, thanks to your help and expertise we received multiple offers and seller has signed off on an over list price offer as of last night!  I will recommend you to the buyer.  Hope to be calling you again in the future.”

– Deborah Fagan, Prudential California Realty

“Jo-Ann’s inspirational boards were extremely helpful in selling both my properties as potential buyers could visualize how they could update the home immediately or in the future.   She will certainly add value in whatever way you utilize her for your listings.”

– Lydia Gable, Prudential California Realty

“Jo-Ann has a keen ability when staging a home to help the homeowner remove clutter and to leave just the right amount of wall hangings and decorator items inside and outside for the home to show at its very best. We had a lovely home that we had been marketing for over three months without an offer that had way too much artwork and furniture, et cetera, covering every inch of wall space and floor space.  We brought Jo-Ann in to help us by having her prepare her list of suggestions to make changes for the home, which Jo-Ann went over with our client and helped our client to implement.  Jo-Ann also prepared picture boards for prospective buyers to see what was possible for different rooms and outdoor areas that were strategically placed throughout the home. Within a week of Jo-Ann’s intervention, we received two offers, and the home has now been sold.

“Thank you, Jo-Ann, once again for helping us to successfully stage another one of our listings.”

Barry and Sonia Howard
Broker Associates
Prudential California Realty

“We really appreciated how you handled everything needed to get the job done. I especially liked the color scheme in the kitchen.”

– Anne-Marie, Camarillo, CA.

“Well, the house has been on the market for 6 days and we now have 2 offers sitting on the table that we are reviewing.  We had some agents tell us that the house showed really well, and we received many compliments.

“I can’t begin to tell you just how much we appreciate everything you did.  I know for certain that the house would not have sold this fast without all your input and ideas.  Thank you so much.”

– Carron C. Simi Valley, CA.

“Thank you for all of your help today……and everyday. It does not go unnoticed that you always look to save my pennies….that you hurry as not to waste (bill) time. That you give well beyond what is expected and I want you to know I recognize these lovely qualities and am very appreciative… fact, it is all very heart felt.

“I count you as friend and I thank you for more than your excellent taste and guidance but time spent in your company is a complete pleasure

“Thank you! You are a Godsend!”

– Kameron, Westlake Village, CA.



February 26, 2003

Re: Jo-Ann Capelaci, Colours & Concepts

I am writing to recommend Jo-Ann Capelaci of Colours & Concepts for decorative and design services based on an excellent track record with Intracorp Developments Ltd. since 1998.

Colours & Concepts has provided us with complete start-to-finish merchandising services on fifteen projects to date representing over 2,000 new home buyers. The Toronto market is intensely competitive requiring careful balancing of home architecture with purchaser incomes and neighborhood ethnicity. Jo-Ann has been more than competent in developing an attractive and saleable basket of both standard and upgrade interior finishes for these projects, and we have every intention of continuing with these consultative services on an exclusive basis given the established performance.

Jo-Ann has provided model home and sales office interior design services to us on the majority of these projects, and this has included selection of interior finishes, furniture and lighting. In each case these were delivered on time and on budget.
Jo-Ann has also trained and provided knowledgeable staff to undertake upgrade consultations to our purchasers. We are more than pleased with the ease in which this outsourcing is administered, and we continue to receive positive feedback from purchasers on the overall experience.

Jo-Ann’s business expertise and accomplishments are extensive and we at Intracorp look forward to working with her in the future. Should you require any further information or clarification, please feel free to contact me directly at (905) 943-2094.

Yours very truly,
William J. Mahood
Vice President, Development



February 18, 2003

Re: Jo-Ann Capelaci
Colours & Concepts

To Whom It May Concern

Jo-Ann Capelaci of Colours & Concepts has worked with Marshall Homes on a contract basis for approximately three years. During that time we have been very pleased with the performance of the company and Jo-Ann. This is a company that takes pride in providing consistent top quality service in a timely manner.

Colours & Concepts have provided us with professional, trained consultants who have met with our purchasers to choose colors and upgrades. These consultants were knowledgeable and efficient. Colours & Concepts were also instrumental in the set up of a color and samples room.

I am pleased to recommend Jo-Ann Capelaci, an excellent designer who runs a top notch company.

Sincerely yours
Craig Marshall



February 14, 2003

Dear Sir or Madam

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jo-Ann Capelaci of Colours & Concepts. Colours & Concepts has worked with Brookfield Homes from 1995 to the present.
Jo-Ann Capelaci and Susan Cronie are the principals of the company. The tasks performed by Colours & Concepts for our company were many and varied.
The company provided consultants to meet with new home purchasers completing color selection and upgrades. Model homes and sales offices were decorated as part of their Model Home Merchandising service. Jo-Ann and Susan consulted on the layout, setup and operation of the Design Studio. They also trained the consultants for the new in-home Design Studio, as well as advising on items for our upgrade price book.

During the time Jo-Ann has worked with us, we have received numerous reports from satisfied purchasers who were pleased with the professionalism of Colours & Concepts. The office staff is courteous and helpful; the consulting staff well trained, dependable and efficient. Attention to detail and a keen awareness of individual consumer needs are priorities.

Our experiences with Colours & Concepts have been very positive ones and I would not hesitate to call on them in the future.

Brian Tiley
Director Sales & Marketing



October 20, 1995
To Whom It May Concern
Jo-Ann Capelaci and Susan Harvey of Colours & Concepts have completed three model homes for us in the past year, and are currently working on an additional two.
I have found them to be very professional, enthusiastic and dependable; completing the models both on time and on budget. The finished models are very tastefully decorated using furnishings and styles suited to the house size and location of the subdivision.
I would not hesitate to recommend Jo-Ann and Susan for an Interior Decorating job.
Karen Norton, Manager Décor Center



Dear Jo-Ann,

It is a pleasure to give my highest recommendation to you and your company, Colours and Concepts, for the exceptional work you did on the remodel and expansion of the Thousand Oaks-Westlake Village Regional Chamber of Commerce. The expansion to over 5000 square and the re-model would not have been as well space-planned and decorated without you from the furniture selections, to the colors to the placement of artwork. You brought our Chamber into 2010 looking functional, light and attractive and we all thank you for it. We get compliments on it all the time from people coming in for the first time and the Board of Directors love it. If anyone would like to see what you accomplished with the Chamber, they are most welcome to come by for a tour any time.

Jill Lederer, President/CEO
Thousand Oaks-Westlake Village Regional Chamber of Commerce